Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1 Round Up

And by round up I don't mean chemicals nor do I mean cattle - although both could apply at some point or another. This is the news that is in the headlines this morning, regarding farm animals and their welfare, as well as other farm animal related news. Check out the links, comment back and let's talk!

California lawmakers rally on animal welfare issues

Farm Animal Council of Sasktachewan Launches New Teaching Tool

UK Asking for Better Pre-Slaughter Welfare for Birds

More Space for Ohio Farm Animals? 

More on Antibiotic Use In Animals - the Debate Continues

Dutch Pig Poop Feeds Grid - Green or Brown power?

More Than Laws Uphold Animal Welfare
Important to Note: In Manitoba you may call 945-8000 to report any concerns over the welfare of animals or to arrange the surrender of your animals should you be unable or unwilling to care for them any longer.  There is NO EXCUSE for abuse and neglect of animals.

Not related to farm animal welfare but an excellent example of when the hard choice (euthanasia) is also the right choice when it comes to the welfare of animals.

International Collaboration Centre Focus on Animal Welfare

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