Monday, June 29, 2009

Money, Rodeo, Summer Heat

Money Driving Animal Welfare
Coulda told you this, but it is interesting in the context of China which has been working to enact their first animal welfare legislation.

Vancouver Humane Society Shunned in Alberta Over Stampede Campaign
For anyone who is interested there has been animal welfare monitoring of the rodeo events in professional rodeo for literally decades...including the Calgary Stampede and Cloverdale.

Young Turks Discuss Animal Welfare and Animal Pain
Although it has a very small response the poll at the end shows an interesting trend amongst this blog's readers...

Education Needed For Animal Welfare
Educating people and changing attitudes is the best way to improve animal welfare...not by legislating change, but creating an understanding of change and leading the way through education...

Next Generation Trailers in USA
Based on EU humane transportation standards, these units will be made available in the USA - getting better but don't forget in Canada we have CFIA, provincial laws and the Certified Livestock Transport training program to enhance the TQA. Google for more details...or click the links above...

All animals require food, water, shelter and care to have a healthy happy life, but sometimes people don't think about the weather conditions and how that impacts the animals in their care. The most caring person can, sometimes, forget and others while seemingly interested in their animal's welfare tend to think nothing of their actual impact on the animal's well being. Many sites offer care tips for summer (and the other seasons)...check some out and remember they can apply to farm animals as well. Take care of our animals, it is the right thing to do!

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