Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mixed Bag

My last attempt to update Chore Time was crashed by a router on strike, so we shall try again, and the latest today is this:

H1N1 May Have Had Asian Origins
Untested theory but it does have points that make sense.

Tasmania Cracks Down On Welfare Breaches

EU Adopts Slaughter Regulations

Dealing with Animal 'Welfare' Groups - Op Ed Ill.
Op Ed Piece concering the activities of pseduo welfare groups like the HSUS in farm country.

Changes to Regs in Ohio Challenging Farmers?
If a Prop 2 type legislation is passed in Ohio, can the states farmers remain competative or will it 'shut' down confinment this part of a national plan by the HSUS to impact all of American animal agriculture? The answers are blowing in the wind...or rather on their website!

IDF Joins FAO in Online Farm Animal Welfare Project

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