Monday, June 8, 2009


As the song goes, "Monday, Monday" and here we are with the headlines that are in the news for animal agriculture around the world.  Popping up as usual is the H1N1 situation worldwide, and the issues we may be facing this fall with the full blown flu season.  Other animal agriculture headlines from around the world are here too...check them out...

Farm Animals Moving Science Forward

Alberta Farmer Culls Entire Swine Herd
This herd is the only example, worldwide, of human to swine infection of Type A H1Ni.  Well it was, as the farmer has chosen to cull the entire herd to hopefully aid the industry. I wish him well as he starts again.

H1N1 On The Rise Worldwide

Egyptian Pig Cull May Impact Tourism

Study Shows Farmers Importance

Mass. Making More Room for Animals

Op Ed - Toronto Star: Canada Lags behind EU on Farm Animal Welfare Reform

Aussies Revamping Animal Care Codes

US Race Horses At Risk of Slaughter in Japan
And surprise, surprise PETA isn't helping, nor are they making it easy for the people who are to do their jobs. Sadly, PETA has decided to enter into the horse slaughter arena...will it help or hurt horses?  Anyone who knows their track record will have the answer...

Pint Sized Beef Cows = More Good Cuts

Guard Donkeys Do Their Work for Farmers

Pigs Tattooed In Beijing 'Art Farm'
This is where I tend to have a problem - tattooing an animal, as conceptual art, then once they have been euthanized for meat, selling the hides to collectors as 'art'...anyone have a problem with this? Anyone think that you could do this anywhere BUT China?  Be sure to NOT skin off and frame my tattoo(s) after I die...

Fascinated by Farm Life

Groups Applaud FAO Animal Welfare Portal

A few headlines affecting all animals and their welfare:

What about the Animals?

Sad Reasons We Need Shelters

Animal Care Group in Kuwait

Odyssey with Animals - looking at rights and welfare for animals

Animal Welfare Officer Saved by Vest

Rescue Ink Steps It Up in Long Island

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