Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Social Media Storm?

My heart hurt today, so badly, when I read a story about a mama dog and her new born pups, saved from traffic and shot by animal control.  My heart hurts daily when I see the posts and calls for help and I wonder...can we create enough of a social media storm to actually create change for animals?  Can we?

Can we hold animal caregivers accountable?  Can we hold communities accountable?  Can we show that the someone who should do something is actually YOU and ME?

We cannot do it by spouting hate or by  promoting violence.  We cannot be a voice expecting to be heard  if we have nothing to say!  Shouting about a problem doesn't solve it.  We need to find solutions and we need to create an atmosphere for change.  

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites give us access to millions of people and we should be, and can be changing things.  We can reach media and interact with people in an instant way.  

If you could know your message would be heard what would you say?  If someone asked for  a solution what would you offer?  

My heart hurts, for cruelty to animals is one small step away from cruelty to you and me,   One small step from animal abuse to people abuse.  Why in the world don't we do something before they get to that step?

No matter how much we shout NO! NO! and STOP! STOP!  unless someone actually finds their voice to hold these people accountable, these organizations, these communities and that means being good at sharing our message.  That also means not feeding hate with hate or offering violence as a response to violence.  

Create a storm...but remember this the thunder makes lots of noise but the lightning does the work!