Monday, June 15, 2009

Rescue Ink & Monday Headlines

Chore Time started, originally, to share news, commentary and information on farm animal welfare. Because my personal concern for animal welfare is not limited to animal agriculture I also, from time to time, try to share information, news and stories on a broader scale. There are animal care groups and organizations around the world that care for the welfare of all animals, and others which have specialites. Some have broad geographic reaches and others are regional, but each is doing their part to forward the cause of welfare for animals. Many on the front lines, others in less 'frontal' areas that are just as important.

There are many groups, and if you know of one that our blog readers would be interested in knowing more about, please message me. I'd love to share and raise awareness.

Rescue Ink

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Head Lines

Iowa State: Sending A Message for Farm Animal Welfare

H1N1 (Nope won't call it Swine Flu here!) Across the Country (Canada)

UK's Farm Animal Welfare Council - value?

Tuft's Vet School Cited by USDA

UK Farming Minister A Veggie!

Jail Term: Powerful Message to Abusers (UK)

More Than Laws Uphold Animal Welfare

Jakarkta NGO Calls For Animal Welfare Law

Alberta Swine Flu Mystery Deepens

Ohio to Have Farm Animal Cruelty Legislation?

HSUS Fired Up in Ohio?

Factory Farms NOT To Blame For Flu Pandemic

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