Friday, May 29, 2009

Think Safe, Work Safe, Play Safe

I, along with my furry sidekick Feathers, attended and presented at the annual Safety Day in Altona.  It is geared towards kids and being safe on the farm mostly - equipment to animals and everything in between.  It got me thinking how much we have to teach people about being safe (yes, that includes our farmers! or sometimes especially our farmers)...and I wanted to share some links about safety and well being on the farm.

Farm Safety Program is a grant for farm families to build safe play areas for thier children or grand children. We have accessed this program and built a great safe place for our son and his friends.  You must check it out...pass it along and share!

Manitoba Farmers With Disabilities is a great organization to help educate farmers and farm families about safety and to help farmers return to their vocation after an accident.  Neil has a great story to share too!

Safe Manitoba is a great group that does a lot to educate Manitoban's (and everyone) about safety. Their farm safety resources are excellent and get the point across. Worth looking at and sharing.

Great resources for your mental health, and some great folks to talk to when you need a trained ear of someone who knows farming and understands the stress that is farming.  Call or email - reach out someone is there for you! Promise...

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