Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Feeding Tips

Courtesy Dr. Brynne Rothwell and Kathy Hyland

Winter-feeding of livestock

Livestock can adapt to living outside during the cold season; however, owners must be vigilant to ensure the welfare of their animals.

          ¯  Livestock feel the cold - provide shelter from wind and rain, snow or ice

¯  Livestock need energy to stay warm – increase feed rations at low outside  

¯  Livestock can only eat so much – provide supplemental feeds if roughage   
   (hay) does not meet the animals’ energy needs

¯ Livestock need water – provide water regularly or consider heated water
    sources. Check water sources daily. Snow is not an acceptable source of         

¯  Livestock shouldn’t lose weight – observe animals closely and address
     weight loss immediately

Keepin’ Up the BTU’s

Three to the barn for oats and hay
           Orderly entering their stalls
A morning routine, pampered
           Creatures of habit in every way

Two hours in, then out to play
            Happy, curried and fed
Packed snow shed, from hooves
             Two harnessed and hitched to the sleigh

Two stand too close! TIMBER! Not understood
              As I fall and block
Split and pile, harvest
               Dead standing wood

Three follow me, axe in hand
                I open a hole in the ice
Each drinks in respectful turn
                “Order of rank” in the band

Atop the dugout mound of clay
                Three stand sleepily content
Broadside to the warming winter sun
                 On this clear crisp November day
                                                                          Rothwell 2006”

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