Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Headlines To Share...

Lots going on in the animal world, some funny, some tragic and some hopeful...browse the stories and share your thoughts...

World's Animal Groups Work To Help Animals In Haiti
Three cheers for the animal rescue and aid organizations for working together for the animals of Haiti, which in turn helps the people of Haiti...and the rest of us!  

New Zealand Dog Shooting - Dispute Between Neighbors
Since when does a 'dispute' between neighbors lead to the shooting of dogs?  This has folks riled up from the top down.

Chicken Plays Chicken in CA
Should the Rescue Ink guys or some Manitoba Chicken catchers head down to help out?  One black chicken is giving some pretty 'black' eyes in a California town.

Expanded Animal Shelter in Windsor room to care for animals is a good thing...

BLM Finds Round Up Stress
Are they following the spirit or the letter of the law?  Is it about what is best for the horses and the land?  How can 22 horses die in a round up that is supposed to be humane?

Acton School Vandals Kill Fish
Fish? C'mon! What did the fish do to them?

D.C. Animal Watch
A smattering of what our D.C. friends deal with...

China Changing The Menu?
Controversy surrounds movement in China to remove dog and cat from menus...for the animals or for the politics?

OSPCA Retains Reins to Humane Society
The troubled Toronto Humane Society will remain under the watchful eye of the OSPCA.

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