Sunday, January 3, 2010

A thought for a new year...

...wouldn't it be great to not need rescue groups, animal shelters or humane societies?  Wouldn't it be great to not need someone to tell us how to farm, eat, play, or enjoy our animal friends?  Wouldn't it be a great new year if all old dogs got homes?  Wouldn't it be great__________________________(fill in your blank).

Sadly, this probably won't be the year that this wish comes true, so instead we all continue to work together to make things better for animals when their worlds are no longer safe or kind to them.  I am sitting at my computer with our special dog friends around me, our animals are outside enjoying abundant hay, fluffy bedding and fresh, clean water.  The bird feeders are full, the suet cakes are fresh and the cats smell like the hay stack (sorry mice you don't get much but thanks for being a good snack :-) ).  How many animals, though, within a few miles of us are sucking on dry, cold snow?  Pawing at the ground for meager bits of winter grass?  Huddling against whatever offers even a slight break from the cold wind?  If there is even one it's one too many...

We did our family Christmas photos by the old farm truck and another set out in the bush.  Earl built a fire, we had our photos, cleaned up some deadwood and roasted hot dogs for a snack.  The cattle and horses eyed the fire and as it burnt down we watched them from the warmth of the house...the horses stood close to the embers for the warmth.  The cows sniffed around and then stood heads down over the last bits of the smoke. The cold ashes the next morning showed many signs of curious noses and hooves...used to summer smudges they were very interested in this winter fire.

How are your animals faring?  Have you noticed any who are needing some extra care?  What were you able to do to help them?  Let's make this a year which has fewer animals in need of urgent rescue and a year where more people become educated and proactive when it comes to animal welfare - for all animals, all the time.

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