Thursday, January 7, 2010

Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada

Not that long ago, when all the furor arose about the horse meat and horse slaughter industry, a group of concerned and caring horse people in Canada came together. 

Their goal, much like that of their counterparts in the US, was to create a united voice to provide information and increase knowledge about the horse industry in Canada.  There are many welfare issues concerning horses in Canada, and by education and advocating the people within the industry can provide information and support towards better care for all horses, across Canada and provide an example for the rest of the world.

Towards that end they have formed the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada which has a website, Horse Welfare Alliance,  and has many articles and resources posted.  The objectives of the HWAC are simple: 

The communication of correct information related to the Canadian horse industry to horse owners and the general public.


The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada will:
  1. support the existing education programs of each of its partners
  2. promote humane handling of horses throughout all of their life stages.
  3. inform its constituents and partners of matters and issues related to the welfare of the horse population.
  4. enhance public awareness of matters and issues relating to the welfare of the horse and the horse industry.
  5. strive to network with other organizations who might assist the Alliance in the achievement of its purpose and objectives.
I would encourage you to check out their site, and also cross link and share resources.  Informed people make informed decisions!

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