Friday, April 24, 2009

What's going on?

This Chore Time will be topped off with an image, and a link back to my good friend Ben Crane.  His work is a bright light for many of us in farming and ranching country - and anyone who is a fan of Lean'n Tree knows his special 'picks'! Enjoy...

There are lots of things going on in the news, including many about farming and farm animals. 

Check out the links'll be sure to find something worth reading!  From Flu to the Malta perspective on farming to a new 'compartive' virtual farm experience.  You should also click on Biomimicry ( pretty awesome stuff there!  I'm very intrigued and am going to be adding that to my 'wanna know more' list!  

We are going to be featuring some commentary from friends in Agriculture coming soon...keep an eye out for those special Chore Time editions.

Remember feedback is important so comment, share and talk about what's going on!

Swine Flu - Mexico, California and Texas...Canada?

How does it spread...more information on Swine Flu

Speak up for Animal Science - as US schools get shorted

Vet's Charged with Animal Cruelty

EU Visits to Farms?  Interesting story with numbers...

California to Ban Dairy Cow Tail Docking

 A new Farm Experience - Virtually!
Farm Sanctuary is an American group calls themselves a 'leading farm animal rescue and advocacy' group.  This is a comparison between 'factory' farms and their ideal of farming practices.

North Dakota Farm Animal Losses Topping 90,000
Photos and more details on second link

Lakeland College Managed Farm Animal Project

PETA Taken to Task over Animal Euthanasia Record

And on a lighter note:
"Nazi" Super Cows Debut in UK

MSU Circus over a Circus

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