Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some more stories to check out...

Some news stories to check out...

A review of Dr. Temple Grandin's newest book, Animals Make Us Human, we should all read her books, articles and at least once see her in person. 
Cargil Achieves Eight Critical Animal Welfare Assurance Goals

Volley's in BC over Free Range vs. Caged Egg Production
(be sure to check out both stories as one is a response to the other)

Focus on Farm Animal Pet & Working Animal Welfare
Note: horses and donkeys are included as working farm animals not livestock in this initiative.

The American Association of Swine Veterinarians’ Pig Welfare committee recently considered the issue of animal cruelty and its implications in U.S. swine production.

Food Safety Modernization Act, HR875 tackles farm size, welfare and definitions of farm types

Canada's Agriculture Policy gets a UK Hit

Well known NY Breeder Charged with Animal Abuse

Prices Soaring for "Unwanted" Horses as a Shortage of Loose Horses is Seen in the US
More stories on this subject:

Avoiding Lameness in Dairy Cattle Before they are Born

From the view of animal control:

Phony Inspections in Ontario - Be Sure of Who is On Your Farm!

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